Edge of the Empire

Vengeance Denied

Session Date: 5Feb2012
Game Dates: 16 Midsummer- 17 Midsummer

After the death of Lithian, the hold is in a sour mood. Everyone working hard and preparing for the arrival of the new workers that Arren, and Garren are bringing. The wall around the hold is at least completed on the 15th of Midsummer, and the humans prepare to return to Littlefoot. It has been two months and no sign of the greenskin attack has been found. The only one of the humans that decides to stay is Frig, she decides that she enjoys being the cook for the keep, and would like to stay on full time. As the humans leave down the northern trail, a large caravan pulls up the southern one. A caravan full of dwarfs, at last Grugni’s children have come to Kazad Ongvarad. Most of the dwarfs have come in response to a new dwarf city being built. They are interested in making a name for themselves in the hold.

The night of their arrival is filled with good food, provided by the farmers and hunters, good drink, brought out from the best stores, and good music and tales. The keep is full of life happiness is on every dwarf’s face. Okai, Nyxel, and Frig had never seen anything quite like it. These stout dour people certainly knew how to celebrate when at last they found a reason to. The newcomers boasted loudly how they would make the most improvement on the new hold, each shouting louder as they lifted their horns. The miners made wagers as to who would move the most stone in the construction of the underground homes. Throughout the whole of it the Fellowship sat at the officers table, pleased with their work thus far, each of them thinking of their plans now that they have a home.

That night was the first night that the hold had a full set of soldiers to keep watch, and with the knowledge that all was safe the hold went to sleep. The calm is broken as a cry pierces the early morning quiet. Everyone wakens running into the mess hall to see one of the new soldiers, Kazador, with his throat slit. His young wife, Helin, is sitting at his side weeping over him. Kardin doesn’t waste even a moment calling upon the blessings of Valaya he brings Kazador back from the cusp of death. Orin, Okai, and Katja begin searching the area for signs of the would be assassin. The rest of the fellowship goes into the temple of Valaya to speak with Kazador. The rest of the keep decides since they are awake it is as good a time as any to begin working. Flint and Thorrvar armour up and head down into the tunnels with the miners to begin clearing the city below the keep. Meanwhile everyone else helps the new adept with the injured dwarf. The guards are now on high alert weary of any fae trickery. Valoria with her innate knowledge of natural things confirms that this was an attack brought against the keep by faeries that dwell in Calenor. Dwarfen grumbling fills the halls question the parentage and manhood of elves.

Orin eventually finds a trail of fine tracks nearly invisible to his eye, and Grawlix can find no sign of a scent. Not saying a word the ranger begins to follow it, and only by noticing his absence does the party begin to catch up. He follows the tracks to the wall where it seems the tiny assassin seems to have just run straight up the thing. Grunting and dropping his axe Orin vows not to be outdone he begins the climb up the wall. The tracks though end at the battlements. Calling down to Nyxel for her ring, Orin takes the fast way down.

Ulrik decides to question the herb vendor for her knowledge of fae creatures, and to get a better grasp of why this human is in his keep. Orin orders Maritza to play with Traicel’s daughter that the adults may speak with no interruptions. In her typical fashion Nyxel uses the distraction as an opening to search the human’s cart. Horrified the little gnome finds the bones of small creatures, some of which she is certain are humanoids. Outside the cart the party listens intently as Traicel weaves a tale about her first meeting with the grigs in the Northwood. Ulrik watches her intently, and for the first time notices that her eyes do not work, still she seems to have sight through other means. Lightning strikes the thane’s mind, as he remembers the tale of the hags that the party faced. The third sister was blind!

Nyxel prepares for bloodshed by sending the children into the keep. As they walk away some of the assembled notice that Amanda’s steps have a strange cadence to them; this cements the idea that the gypsy is up to no good. Everyone readies themselves for combat, Thorrvar and Flint are seen at the top of the stairs coming to aid the fight. Ulrik lashes out first attempting to trip the foul creature, his blow his turned aside by an unseen force. Traicel drops her disguise and the horror of the green hag is now visible to all. Her hair snakes out from her clothes removing a wand which fires a chain of lightning through the party. Sparks flying from their bodies the dwarfs spring into action. Orin charges forth slicing into Traicel. Kardin calls on his goddess to heal the wounds caused by the lightning. Ulrik moves to cut off her escape, receiving a clawing wound for his efforts. Flint attempts to fire on the foul creature, but it seems his weapon picked up some dust in the travel.

Right before everyone’s eyes the disguise drops from Amanda and in her place is a wicked little sprite with a rapier made of crystal. Nixryxus runs forward and slashes Thorrvar before losing his footing and falling to the foot of the mound. The hag strikes out at Orin slash his chest, he brushes of the cut and returns better than he got. The rest of the party continues their attacks on the Traicel. From the stairway a great explosion is heard, and it seems Flint’s weapon was well and truly clogged. Not one to let the dwarfs have more excuse to talk poorly about gunpowder, Katja takes careful aim and places a round directly in the hag’s neck. Blood spurts everywhere the creature struggling to stay upright. Valoria has no mercy for someone who corrupts nature for their own purposes. She ends the witch with a swift blow from her scythe.

The fellowship hears a sudden buzzing, and a dust trail as the quickling zips out of the keep. Nyxryxus knows discretion is the better part of valour, and that revenge can wait. The threat put to rest for now the party searches the hags things, they find a small trove of treasure and magical items that will help strengthen them for the upcoming war. Some of the other dwarfs take the hags body away to burn it to make sure it doesn’t cause any more trouble.

Session Ends: Party continues getting used to the dwarfs in the keep. Work has begun on the guardhouse for the actual city. A new enemy has shown itself, and now the party has to watch out for the buzzing blade of the quickling assassin.

Player This session Total
Orin 900 11390
Okai 900 11185
Ulrik 900 11290
Thorvar 900 10980
Nyxel 950 11710
Valoria 900 11120
Katja 900 10915
Kardin 900 11485



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