Edge of the Empire

The Beginning

Session Date: 4Dec2011
Game Days encompassed: 10-17 of the 2nd Month of Spring

The Party arrived in the small town of Littlefoot, first impressions of the backwater town were not promising. They had just spent two weeks travelling from the heartland in search of adventure, instead they found a town with just five buildings in the center.

Like all good adventurers they made their way to the Tavern as soon as they could. A humble place mostly empty during the work day, The Sleeping Dragon Tavern nonetheless welcomed the strange party. Frig, the owners daughter, served the party a large helping of food in thanks for the tip from Rosco. After giving the party a once over Kir decided to tell them that the Mayor of the town had been looking for mercenaries to hire to help clear out an old citadel named Blackmoor that the goblins were using as a staging point for their attacks on his town.

Mayor Littlefoot was pleased to see the adventurers offering them 2g per pair of ears brought back and an additional 50g for the return of the head of the leader. He believes some stronger monster has taken up the reins of leadership and that is what is causing the goblins to be so bold in their attacks. He also offered the party an IOU in his name to the shops in town so they could purchase starting equipment. He also loaned the party a small wagon to make the travel to the citadel quicker.

The IOU was used at the general store to purchase some potions of healing. The Party owes Katherine 40g.

Blackmoor Citadel a weeks ride away. The ride was uneventful except for a scouting party of three goblins encountered on the 4th night. The party made quick work of them with Nyxel killing 2 and Rosco killing one. Upon arriving at the Citadel the party quickly dealt with the sentries that had been posted, Nyxel killing one and (Unnamed Dwarf) killing one.

Session ended with the party discussing what to do with the horse and wagon while they went in.

Kill Count:
Nyxel: 3 Goblins
Rosco: 1 Goblin
Dwarf: 1 Goblin



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