Edge of the Empire

The Assault

Session date: 11Dec2011
Game Dates covered: 17-25 Third month of spring

The discussion of the cart was put to a quick close by the sudden zombification of, thus far, quiet mage. Karden’s life momentarily flashed before his eyes and he saw what it would have been like had he been a bard instead of a cleric. Two arrows from the distance ended the threat efficiently. An unknown dwarf had saved Kardin and then run off on business of his own. Rosco, Nyxel , and Kardin did not have time to question the dwarf because the goblins had noticed that they were there. Apparently ballistae bolts are how goblins say “we have a god already thank you”.

Nyxel and Kardin leap into action. Rosco runs away. The dwarf and gnome race into the courtyard where they see a gnoll preparing the goblin cavalry to sally forth and kill the intruders. Ignoring the gnoll they make their way towards the war machine that was reloading to fire at Rosco and his u-turning cart. Kardin takes a shield position on the stairs to the tower while Nyxel makes short work of the goblins in the tower. She was unable to kill them before they got a shot off at Rosco. Bolt flying unerringly destroying the faithful cart. Not even being thrown in the air would stop the halfling from getting into the thick of things. He leaps from the cart as it comes apart landing squarely on the horse’s back, where he can continue his charge into the courtyard.

Orin, the unknown dwarf, makes his way around the side in hopes of using the three man assault on goblin sovereignty as a distraction. He climbs the ruined side of the keep where he gets a good view of the battle thus far. Rosco is in the blacksmith searching for an advantage. Kardin is holding the stairs against a charge of goblin cavalry. Nyxel is in a ballistae duel with the goblins in the keep. Garret, the gnoll leader, locks the keep and mounts his Hyenadon preparing to charge at the halfling in the blacksmith shop. Two arrows sing over the courtyard and the Hyenadon is now charging alone its master left in the dust behind him. Its charge takes it directly into a rolling barrel; the poor creature has only a moment to ponder what the black stuff it’s covered in is before it gets lit on fire.

Unbeknownst to the battle outside, the erstwhile prisoners had come up with a plan. Using a hidden vial of gunpowder, provided by Kathryn, Ulrik takes his prison door off the hinges; alerting the kobold jailers. Shitbucket in hand the dwarf prince squares off against the foul beasts that had been holding him the last three weeks. The first kobold that runs in has the time to think his last words “Holy shit” before his neck breaks in explosion of bucket and contents. The remaining five kobolds, thinking the unarmed prince would be an easy target, move to surround him. A quiet chanting isn’t even noticed by the jailers, but the flying rat mauling one of their numbers is harder to ignore. Valoria had joined the battle. Kathryn looks around her cage for something that she can use to strike out against her oppressors, a fork! Her stainless steel vengeance flies through the air, imbedding itself squarely in the wooden part of the jail cell. Ulrik and his rat allies make quick work of the remaining kobolds, one stonefisted punch at a time.

Outside the battle continues to rage. The dire hyena charges into the blacksmith, and clamps down onto Roscos leg with all the unnatural force in its jaws. Orin surveying the battlefield decides to help the little fighter before continuing on his mission to rescue the prince. Two more dwarfen arrows fly, and another vaguely hyena shaped foe dies. Rosco nods thanks to the cloaked dwarf, and drinks one of his healing potions. Nyxel in the tower finishes loading the war machine, and lets fly at her mirror in the tower. With a shot that can only be powered by her hate of the foul grobbi she destroys the opposing ballista, and begins to reload again. On the stairs Kardin continues to hold back the cavalry shield and spear making a wall to allow his tiny friend time to wreak havoc on the enemy. His spear strikes true removing one of the goblins from its mount. The foe falls from the stairs dead when it strikes the floor of the courtyard below.

Orin darts from his cover down into the courtyard racing for the keys to the keep and then up the stairway to the main building. Opening the door he hears the chuckle of goblins up to no good. A quick search of the entryway reveal: a locked portcullis, and murder holes. His way blocked he turns his attention back to the battle in the courtyard. Kardin’s fight begins to wear on him as the goblins attack each other in an attempt to get in at the hated dwarf. Kardin himself slays another of his attackers, but takes several small hits. Calling on Valaya for aid he heals some of his wounds. The goblins charge back into him, only to be cut off as axe shaped arrows appear in their chest. Nyxel directs her fury at the portcullis holding them back; bolt flying true she knocks the gate partially off its hinges. She runs down the stairs seeing the goblin dogs attacking her dwarfen friend she calls to them in their own language. The cowards take her offer, and save their hides by doing so.

Wrapping his wolf cape around his shoulders after unlocking the rest of the jail cells Ulrik prepares himself for battle. Kicking open the door his presented with the odd sight of a dwarf squeezing through a gap in the portcullis axe first. In the common room of the halls the remaining goblin guards had gathered to make their stand. The seven goblins seeing unarmoured, outnumbered dwarfs charged in. They chose poorly, in a flurry of axe blows, scythe cuts, shield bashes, and bullets the seven goblins are made short work of. The two parties stare at each other; quick introductions are made. They begin clearing the area. Empty rooms greet the party behind almost every door, until they find the kitchen. The keep’s chef, a bugbear, is most displeased that the lunch he had prepared was interrupted. His complaints were cut short as more arrows found their target. His assistants ask for mercy, but after his imprisonment Prince Ulrik has none.

The final room on the first floor is opened by La Gata Roja. A thunderous roar is heard as she fires into the guard room of the keep. A goblin falls clutching his chest; clearly his hiding place was not sufficient. The remaining goblins charge out, only to meet their death at the hands of a fully equipped and ready party. A quick scan of the room shows a trap door on the roof. The dwarfs move off to search the basement. They find human ale, such undrinkable fare seems a waste to Kardin. He calls upon his gods to purify the ale, so that the dwarfs may celebrate their escape. Nyxel using the skills of a misspent youth disarms the trap on the door, and pushes through it; only to be met by a ballistae bolt. Rosco catches Nyxel as she falls from the stairs and rushes her to Kardin interrupting the celebration. Using ancient dwarfen healing techniques the priest gets the gnome back in fighting form. The ballistae crew finds out how quickly this party ends a grudge as a shield wielding dwarf flies through the trap door.

The group searches the rest of the keep. In the war room they find a map with what seems to be plans to assault Westmarch, and two hyenas chained to the wall. While the dwarfs are busying themselves with war; Rosco locks himself in the treasure room. Almost immediately he learns what happens when you try and short change a dwarf. Orin with a single swing of his wood cutters axe takes the door off its hinges. Orin, Ulrik, Rosco, Nyxel, and Kardin compromise on how to split the goods. Kathryn copies down the map for future use. Valoria comforts the hyenas, speaking to them in loving tones. Her efforts are rewarded, and the strange beasts decide that she is a good master. After feeding her new pets, the druid searches Garrets bed chamber. A cursory casting of detect magic reveals a pendant in one of the drawers, a holy symbol of an unknown god. In the same drawer as the holy symbol there was a letter in a language she didn’t speak. Luckily Nyxel translates for the party.

You have done well in securing Blackmoor Keep as a forward position for our armies. The tribes are gathering and the shamans portents are starting to form. Soon we will be able to march on the Empire, and they will fear the badlands again.
Fus’ Roda

Session ended with the party splitting loot back at Littlefoot. They get 183g per person. Ulrik pays for messengers to his homeland and to the Grey Mountians holds. He has plans to rebuild Blackmoor.
Xp Base: 800
Orin: 10 bonus
Nyxel: 60 bonus
Valoria: 10 bonus
Rosco: 10 bonus
Kathryn: 0 bonus
Kardin: 10 bonus
Ulrik: 0 bonus



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