Edge of the Empire

Heated Negotiations

Session Date: 12Feb2012
Game Dates Covered: 18 Midsummer- 20 Field’s Moon

The morning after the hag’s treachery is undone, the dwarf wake to find an army approaching from the distance. Alarms are rung, the holds springs to action, every dwarf gets ready for war. The humans have come to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs. Orin and Ulrik stand at the bridge to the hold as six heavy cavalry ride up. The Centurion Marcus presents the two dwarfs with the purpose for this visit; the complete eviction of the dwarfs, and the return of Blackmoor to the Empire.

The dwarfs return to the war room to discuss the new threat to their home. Nyxel and Katja are the most insulted by the human’s intrusion. This is their home, they fought for it who does this upstart think he is! The discussion last long into the night, each hero putting their input into how best to delay the negotiations so that they may gain the other hand. Okai is for simply driving the humans from the lands they have no claim to. It takes much talking to calm him down.

The next day a great feast is prepared the emissaries of the Empire are invited, and much merriment is had. Hours are passed as the feast is done in proper dwarfen manner. Lucien and the Thalos enjoy the dwarf’s hospitality. Marcus clearly begins to lose his patience as the night wears on. Finally, the young paladin loses his patience and demands that the talks begin. His dwarfen hosts feign insult and say there is no way the talks can begin this late. It would be most unseemly, but that such a great feast is the perfect way to begin such talks. The talks will begin in earnest in the morning, after the humans have had their midday prayer.

Several more days pass, Marcus continues to show his ineptitude in diplomatic proceedings. It is not until the seventh day of the siege and the arrival of Centurion Primus Aurellius that the dwarfs begin to budge from their position. Aurellius takes over the negotiations and begins to treat the dwarfs with proper respect. Even still weeks pass as they try and recover from the bad taste left by Marcus’s heavy handed attempts to intimidate the eldest race into moving quickly. The discussion seems to be moving forward if slowly. The offers of the gold and trade appeal to the dwarfs.

While the diplomats are at work talking over such things: as borders and trade rights. Flint, Katja, Nyxel, and Okai are tugging at their hair in boredom. They are adventurers and the siege is getting to them. Okai spends his days in a drunken stupor to control the rage welling inside him. Nyxel spend her nights playing pranks on the soldiers outside. Flint and Katja have not been seen outside of the mess hall in days. Valoria and her assistants are working full tilt to try and keep the hold fed while they are locked in, no one had expected a siege so soon.
Eighteen days into negotiations the army outside has doubled. Pilus Prior Titus has arrived. With him arrives the full authority of Legatus Primus Erminius in Westmarch City. Now the talks begin in earnest. Erminius and Aurellius representing the Empire, while Pater Primus Ribellus, and Pater Lucian represented Sohnor. Finally after four more days of negotiations an accord is reached.

Non-aggression: The dwarfs will not look to expand their holdings into Imperial lands.

Land: Kazad Ongvarad is a five radius from the Keep itself, as well as all holdings below.

Dwarfen Defense: Any threats from greenskins, or the minions of the Goblin King within 50 miles of the keep the dwarfs are expected to help with. Each dwarf that aids in the battle will be paid twice the salary of a similarly ranked imperial soldier.

Trade: The hold will have free trade rights in the western portion of Westmarch, and are free to create trade routes through the Empire, as they are able to. In return they will offer weapons to the army, at a discount of 10% for the bulk nature of their orders. The empire will aid the dwarfs in establishing the trade network needed to keep the hold running smoothly, by creating more roads in this area of the province. In return the dwarfs will not trade weapons with the enemies of the Empire.

Ambassador: The dwarfs will regularly allow a human ambassador to come and view the defense of the hold to be sure that the border is being defended.
Session ends: Dain from the Grey Mountains as at long arrived. With him he brings 200 more settlers to colonize the hold. It is now functioning full steam as a true dwarfen hold. Drills continue to be done, and preparations made for the upcoming war with the greenskins, as well as any other threats that may come around.

Player This session Total
Orin 800 12190
Okai 690 11875
Ulrik 770 12060
Thorvar 500 11480
Nyxel 730 12440
Valoria 500 11620
Katja 675 11590
Kardin 500 11985



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