Races of the Empire

Elves: The elves found in the Empire are typically younger elves who have been taken by wanderlust. They have left Calenor and taken to adventuring or seek to establish trade with the Empire. One such merchant family, the Winterleaf, actually succeeded in repurchasing their familial home in Selbag Lorac as such it is likely that any merchant elves encountered are kin, or working with them.

There are three common subraces of elf. High Elves, the group that found Selbag Lorac and eventually left to have their own kingdom. Wood Elves who were always xenophobic remain hidden in the darkest portions of the Brandrwald. Dark Elves, drow, evil elves living beneath the surface.

Dwarfs: There are two sub sets of dwarfs. Grey Dwarfs, that is to say dwarfs born either in the Grey Mountains or in an Imperial city, and Blood Dwarfs, which are the dwarfs who are born in the dwarf kingdom of Karak Karakzan. While to the outsider they seem the same, the dwarfs themselves tend to disagree. Blood Dwarfs view Grey Dwarfs as a people who have started to lose touch with their ancestors. Grey Dwarfs view Blood Dwarfs as snobs, who are to xenophobic for their own good. Both sides keep the disagreements amongst themselves. No need to let the younger races no of any division they might try and capitalize on.

In addition to the separation between the two dwarfen kingdoms there are subraces of dwarf. Mountain Dwarfs, Deep Dwarfs, and Lowlands Dwarfs. Each subrace is named for the area they frequent. Mountain dwarfs are you typical dwarfs, living in great strongholds in the mountains. Lowland Dwarfs tend to live on the surface, even when living with other dwarfs they tend to live close to the entrance to the strong holds. Deep Dwarfs, or Duergar, are the evil dwarfs that inhabit the Underdark.

Humans: As always there is more variety in the humans of the Empire than can be easily listed. There are three main people two of which are not native to the Empire. The Norueg who come from the Southern Seas, they are a pirate race born on the ocean. Norueg children will typically spend their early years as cabin boys. Its not until the participate in their first raid that they are considered adults. Nisul, they come from the dessert a nomadic race best known for their cavalry units which are feared throughout the world. Nisul training methods are used by the scouts of the Empire. The final type is the Imperial human. Children are required to spend 2 years in active duty, and 2 years in reserve duty. It is this civic mindedness that allows the Empire to thrive. Those who excel in the duties of government find themselves in leadership positions, and are taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Gnomes: The other half of the dwarfen coin. Gnomes are thought to be kin of dwarfs, if slightly more possessed of a fae nature. They are a mischievous race with nature in their veins. Unlike their cousins, who feel connected only to the mountains and caves, gnomes feel this attachment with all of nature. Their fae connection makes them more boisterous, more alive, and more erratic than all other mortal races. This thin grasp on reality makes them amazing illusionists, but it means that they rarely excel at more grounded work.

Halflings: Halflings have no real homeland to call their own. Their social groups are nomadic caravans that wander the Empire and beyond, bringing back exotic items and tales of adventure. This racial wanderlust means that halflings are very common amongst adventurers. Their natural skills in stealth and detection of traps make them popular friends to have around when you go into a crypt that could hold anything. Most cities treat a halfling caravan as a welcome site and a fun distraction from the doldrums. Some town guard have made it difficult for caravans to find camping space within a city due to the criminal element that sometimes is associated with the little folk, but it is not to long before those same guards find themselves haunted by bad luck until they reconsider their opinions on the halfling people. The largest known permanent campgrounds of halflings is in the capital city of the empire here caravans come and go, but it is never fully abandoned. Almost anything you could want to buy can be found in the Gold District of Selbag Lorac, for a price.

Races of the Empire

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