History of the Empire

Pre History

Selbag Lorac was once a great Elven kingodm spanning all the lands within the natural boundries formed by the Ocean of Stars to the south, The Blood Mountains to the west, the Badlands to the north, and the Grey Mountains to the East.

The Elven kingdom gave way to the humans as their population grew over the centuries. Their initial decision to embrace the humans and work with them is what eventually led to the need for the Elven retreat and the formation of the new kingdom of Calenor. The central province still holds many great feats of Elven architecture.


The kingdom had always been run by a senate, whos head had the powers of a king. The king was chosen by a vote in the senate, and served until such time as those in the house decided they were no longer in the best interests of the kingdom. The elves supported this system whole heartedly. After generations of humans grew up in the kingdom eventually they began to get representation in the senate. Slowly the balance of power shifted as the more frenetic humans seized power from their more patient elven compatriots. This led to the eventual election of the first human king, Vorruec the Wise.

Vorruec changed the way the senate worked. He said that to be sure that the kingship was always in the hands of the most capable it should be a role that one is bred, and trained for. He decided that his cousin, who was 11 at the time, should succeed him on the throne. The mostly human senate agreed with him, and thus was born the Empire and the rules of succession as we know them. The elves who had not yet left on the retreat counselled against the change, but were paid no heed. The humans argued that their monarchs were to fleeting, and that it was important that each had a firm grasp of his predecessor to maintain stability.

With this choice the majority of the elves left the Empire Calenor was formed and its borders were closed. They remain closed to this day. Elves are allowed to come and go more or less as they please, but no outsiders are allowed in. There are even tales of elves spending to much time away and being denied entry.

Current Events

In the last 50 years the Empire has been suffering from over expansion. The taxes that are coming in are not enough to support the entirety of the army which has left some areas undefended and weak to attack. On the borders the once mighty tapestry of power portrayed by the ancient empire has begun to fray. The current emperor is on 14, Mikael Aleksandr. His predecessor died unexpectedly while trying to climb Kingmaker to speak with the Azer. He was hoping to acquire an artifact that would cement the leadership of the empire in the ways of the ancient legends.

Some of the noble families are openly speaking against the young emperor. The rumors say that he is unfit to rule, and such a strict succession was never what Vorreuc had in mind when he changed the government of the kingdom. Up until now the whispers have remained just that, but if the young Mikael does not prove himself soon he may find himself without a throne.


Karak Karakzan The dwarfen kingdom of the Blood Mountains to the west.
Calenor Elven Kingdom on the other side of the Grey Mountains.
Badlands Ash wastes to the west.


The empire is divided into seven provinces. Each province is ruled by a Legatus Primus, a military commander in charge of a legion. In practice the Legatus Primus will also have one or two Legatus Legionis who owe him fealty in his province.


These links show the roman structure for the military the Empires military is based on this with changes to the Auxilia, and the addition of spellcasters. Each officer and NCO has a counterpart from the church of equal rank.
Imperial Ranks


The Empire is polytheistic with one principle deity, Sohnor. Sohnor is primarily a sun god although he is also worshiped as the vanquisher of undeath and the divine guidance of the Empire.
Each town will typically have at the very least a shrine or small temple to Sohnor, with altars in to different gods in the homes of those who feel they need them. The priests that work with the army are always from the Sohnor’s temples, as such they are the most well known.
Gods of Men

Major Landmarks

Kingmaker: Volcano in which a colony of Azer live.

History of the Empire

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