Enemies of the Empire

Followers of Entropy The Followers of Entropy are a cult that is growing within the Empire. They follow a god whose tenants say that humanity needs to be in a state of flux and struggle. For them the Empire is a sin it has been strong for far too long. Mostly made up of disillusioned peasants, and nobles who wish to see the balance of power shift in their favour the Followers can be found in nearly every major city plotting to overthrow the established regime, one small misstep at a time.

Goblinoids Gobinoids are nearly the exact opposite of the greenskins. While the greenskins are a feral race all from the same ancestor, the goblinoids are a diseperate group that has been subjugated by the Goblin King. While not all goblinoids owe fealty to the King directly it is safe to assume that he doesn’t believe that way. Races of all shapes and sizes have been brought under the banner of the Goblin King, from tiny lizard-like kobolds to the massive trolls.

The goblinoids are a threat to the small towns in the Empire. No one knows where the center of power is for the Goblin King, or even who/what the Goblin King is. This makes their attacks difficult to predict, normally they attack towns quickly before fading away with their slaves.

Greenskins The greenskins are a strange tribal society that are have evolved a unique caste system. It seems that all the creatures that make up the tribe, however different they may appear, evolved from the same genetic source.

The greenskin threat is felt most acutely in the western portion of the Empire where they prowl the badlands in huge tribes. Normally these tribes are content to fight amongst themselves, but on occasion a powerful warlord will unite enough greenskins to be a threat to the Empire.

Pantheon of the Dark Gods The human, and demi-human gods of evil have united to form a council. From this power base they have begun to work together to create a kingdom for themselves where their followers can openly pay homage to their dark patrons. Constant disagreements and backstabbing keep them from being a threat to the Empire on a massive scale, but the sheer pervasiveness of their followers means that they cannot be ignored. Every warlord who carves out a portion of the country side, every footpad that kills more often than they have to, and every drow elf screaming for the blood of their light skinned cousins prays to the Dark Gods, and its only a matter of time before someone gets the factions together.

Enemies of the Empire

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