• Flint Giantsbane

    Flint Giantsbane

    When the brew is flowing, no one drink more, when jokes are said, no one laughs louder, when fighting happens... no one is crazier than Ol' Flint.
  • Nyxel Nightstone

    Nyxel Nightstone

    she is a small gnome just over 2 and 1/2 feet. she currently has a mohawk that changes color depending on the day and mood. She has bright amethyst eyes and skin the color of pale lavanders. Tattoos cover the right side of her head framing her face and go
  • Ulrik Stonehand

    Ulrik Stonehand

    A young Dwarf with pre maturely white hair dressed in sturdy armor and carrying a large shield with a wolf head howling in red
  • Valoria EarthRyder

    Valoria EarthRyder

    Sapphire blue hair with gems tangeled in knots. Glowing silver eyes. i'm dressed in leather armor, scyth buckled to my back and darts at my belt. My wolverine stand at my side jet black with one white strip on it back.