Edge of the Empire

Still Waters, Ancient Evils.

Session date: 29Jan2012
Game Dates Played: 2 Midsummer- 15 Midsummer

Upon returning to the keep the party begins to make their preparations for their battle against the aboleth. Each one doing their part to make sure that the beast does not escape. The construction of the traps is being headed up by Lithian and Nyxel. Orin and Maritza put their engineering together to create a smaller version of dwarfen siege weapons. Ulrik prepares in the way of his ancestors forging a weapon for the occasion. Kardin and Valoria prepare potions of many different types so that the party will be ready for any tricks the monster may have up its tentacled sleeve.

Once the preparations were complete they made the trek into the darkness, each giving the other advice on how to deal with the aberration down below. The traps fall into place, the ambushers hide themselves on the loading dock. Each of the heroes ready to end the life of the aboleth before it can start their transformation.

Like all evil leaders the Rylien would never go first into a meeting; even if he trusted the duergar, which he doesn’t. He sends forward five skum their orders are the same as always. Check the area and be sure it is safe.

Lucas used to be a farmhand. Now he is a semi psychotic fishman; under the command of another psychotic fish. It is so dark in these tunnels. Always so dark… at least the dwarfs have beer. It hurts so bad because of the dehydration but it is totally worth it. Where is the beer? Is that dwarf’s beard red? Nah must be the dark. Time to tell the master its ok.

Up comes the aboleth, Ulrik braces himself for combat. Reaching for his mug, he takes a swig growing in size. Giving the command the battle begins in earnest. Orin fires to shots, they lack the power to puncture Rylien’s hide. Little Maritza does her part to defend her home, the organ crossbow rings out, the skum on the platform fall over ventilated by the barrage. Okai’s finds his exit to the battle barred by a wall, and decides the door is easier to get through; he forgot that the doors are dwarf make. Kardin in the main hall ignores the danger of the skum, and rushes to the aid of his thane. Calling on the powers of Vallaya, he summons a shard of Drunril, her spear, to attack his foes. Nyxel fires a quick shot from her shot bow taking advantage of the creature having its back to her. Finally, Lithian calls down destructive fire onto the enemy, only to be thwarted as Rylien dodges to one side. The skum move to attack Kardin, their feeble attacks sliding off his dwarfen armour.
Rylien flails ineffectively at Ulrik, his armour and training not letting a single tentacle anywhere near him. Orin fires again, still the beasts hide thwarts his efforts. Lithian continues his magical barrage fire spring to life from his hands. Nyxel drops the trap on the aboleth pinning the monster in place. Kardin calls on his ancestors to fill Ulrik with their strength. Ulrik brings his newly forged bardiche crashing down upon the monster. Again, Kardin’s faith keeps the skums attacks from puncturing his armour. With a sudden popping sound Rylien disappears.

A moment of confusion as the heroes search for their foe, slime covered tentacles burst from the water striking at the mage. His skin takes on the look of a frog, and his lungs no longer process air. Seeing his ally attack, Okai charges the docks. Leaping through the air he plunges his great sword down into the beast. Rylien howls in pain. It had been decades since anyone had been allowed close enough to him to cause him pain. Ulrik wades in the water leaving his shield on the shore to be able to swim out. He strikes out at the aboleth befouling his tunnels. “Khazukan Khazakit-ha” the bellow letting any in ear shot that the dwarfs have claimed these tunnels. The bardiche slams down on the evil fish shattering its spine, splashing its vile blood everywhere. Okai becomes infected with aboleth rot, not one to let that stop he takes the corpse and throws it on to the docks to be searched. Valoria works rapidly to keep the sick party mates moist.

The party trudges back to the surface fearing the worst for their infected friends. Orin digging into his childhood remembers that a runepriest can create a stasis in an extradimensional space. He suggests that the sick ones should be placed in Lithian’s apartment. Okai remembers a healer from the Blood Eagle tribe spends the summers not far from the Hold. Thus begins the waiting. When the healer at last arrives it is too late for Lithian. The elf steps out of the apartment, Ulrik wastes no time striking down the creature that was once his comrade in arms. The oracle heals Okai free of charge, but requires that the hold pledges itself in the battle against the greenskins.

Session Ends: The party has eight days to kill while they wait for the Oracle. Katherine leveled up.

Player This session Total
Orin 1295 10490
Okai 1285 10285
Ulrik 1220 10390
Thorvar 1070 10080
Nyxel 1235 10760
Valoria 1220 10220
Katherine 1070 10015
Kardin 1370 10585



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