Edge of the Empire

Riddles in the Dark

Session Date: 25Dec2011
Game Dates Covered: 3-17 of Summerstart

After their successful romp in the swamp the party returns to Littlefoot to gather the workers, and supplies that will allow them to rebuild Kazad Ongvarad. 10 farmhands, the Mason family (3 men 1 woman 1 girl), Frig, and Katherine joined the adventurers. The Masons, and Katherine took up residence in their own rooms on the second floor. Frig convinced Rosco that she would be a pleasant roommate. The 10 workers are staying in the western barracks chamber; Ulrik left them to their own devices as far as picking bunks. The other rooms on the second floor were each awarded to the members of the party, with Ulrik staying on the third floor. Enough food was brought to last easily until the end of Midsummer.

After putting the men to work on clearing the rubble of the wall away to begin the repairs, the dwarfs and the Masons set about to make a plan to tackle the tunnel on the first floor. Careful planning allowed them to use the stone cleared to make the tunnel larger to be used to repair the wall saving the Fortress a fair bit of money in the process. Once the tunnel was cleared it was easy to see that the network of caverns underneath the keep held more than just darkness.

Ulrik, Nyxel, Rosco, Valoria, and the cleric of Sohnor, Thalos, began the explorations. Tentatively at first going only so far as they could in one day to be sure they would not have to camp within the unknown areas. The first day of exploration was uneventful searching all the side tunnels along the larger branch and discovering nothing of interest. The second day of exploring took them along the more northerly tunnels. After what seemed an eternity they found their first sign of life in the tunnels a Minotaur. The monster defended its territory fiercely nearly killing the cleric, but a well placed knife by Rosco ended its bloody rampage. The party found nonhuman skeletons in the Minotaur’s lair. The third day of travels showed more tunnels and a fiendish trap of nonhuman design. The fourth day found the party against a rust monster and yet another trap. At the end of the fourth day the cleric bid the party farewell, and continued with his outrider mission for the Empire.

XP 1000 for each player.



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