Edge of the Empire

News from the Fronts

Session Date: 15Jan2012
Game Days Covered: 23 of Summerstart

The day after Rosco’s funeral sees the party getting comfortable with their new barbarian friend. As Okai sits in the war room with the dwarfs planning the maneuvers needed to keep these lands safe, the rest of the party attends to the needs of the keep. Each member handling something needed; Nyxel keeping track of the finances, Valoria helping with the food stores, Kardin beginning the training of the humans, and Katherine watching the plains with her musket.

After deciding that the greenskins are not the most immediate threat to the hold, the adventurers once more head into the darkness below. Walking through the darkness tracking their ancient enemies they come across a waterlogged High Elf. After several moments of terse conversation they decide the elf may be an asset and that he can stay with them.

They eventually come to a fork in the road; they can follow their iron, or their enemies. Choosing to repay the grudge before they find their valuables; they follow the tracks north. Eventually they come to a barracks which looks like it was emptied of all possessions. After searching around they decide to set an ambush come morning, but first they need a place to sleep. Lithian being the helpful elf that he is offers the party his most secret possession to spend the night in safety, Lithian’s Instant Apartment.

Upon entering the quaint home the party got comfortable, all except Ulrik and Thorvar enjoyed the elf’s hospitality. A warm cozy fire, and the treats of Calenor. The party decides to take watches; starting with Nyxel. Once her watch finished Orin relieved her. Nyxel immediately went to work on her task of finding out more about the elf. Searching his pockets and removing the circlet from his head. No sooner had the headband come off then skin black as pitch become revealed. Staring dumbfoundedly Nyxel continues what she is doing the appearance of an evil drow making her go faster. In her haste she didn’t notice that Orin had opened the door due to a disturbance outside. Sneaking up beside the drow he quickly headlocks him and places a dagger at his throat. Terse words are exchanged and slowly the party begins to wake up. Unsure of what to make of the threat they let him speak, only the honesty in his voice keeps the drow from being ventilated. Finally the party decides to trust him for now. The dwarfs will not sleep easy for a while.

Whole party: 135

Session Ends: Getting ready to fight the spider.



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