Edge of the Empire

End of the Line

Session Date 22Jan2012
Game Dates Played: 24 Fire Dawn- 1 Midsummer

Waking from their nervous sleep, the party decides to leave the issue of Lithian for after they kill the phase spider walking through their tunnels. They decide to leave the apartment door in place, not having the time to complete the ritual. Orin creeps into the barrack, Ulrik at his side they search around trying to find their prey. In one quick instant they went from hunters to hunted, Orin is yanked of his feet into the darkness above their heads. Okai runs into the room and with luck of the gods he manages to place his glowing mace in such a way as to shed light on the attacker. The hideous spider creature finishes wrapping up one dwarf, and decides that he needs more. Webbing flies through the air entangling Okai and Thorvar. The party fires volleys of magic, and bolts in an attempt to dislodge the spider. Only after being lit on fire by Lithian does the spider abandon the high ground. It lands viciously on the poor mage bladed forelimbs ripping into the unarmoured flesh of the drow. Ulrik found himself in a position he never thought hed be in, rescuing a drow mage. Charging forward spear glinting in the half-light of the mace he nearly knocks the spider off its feet with the force of his blow. In that instant Orin leaps from his cocoon drawing a single arrow as he falls. As soon as he hits the floor the ranger lets loose catching the spider in the soft underbelly Ulrik’s charge had exposed. The creature at last succumbs to its wounds. Orin rushes to the drow’s aid bandaging his wounds. The rest of the party searches the barracks for clues about their enemy’s whereabouts. Once Lithian is awake he milks the spider for venom and begins the ritual to take down his door.

The march continues as the party follows the railways towards, what Ulrik assumes is, the storage place for all the iron the duergar had been mining. Hours later the party comes across a large ironbound door, the sounds of duergar drinking songs can be heard on the other side. Okai comes up with a plan that seems at odds with his barbarian culture; to use the drow as a decoy to get the duergar to open the gate. Lithian eager to show his willingness to help removes the illusions hiding his drow robes, and prepares himself for the role of self important drow messenger. He did not have to play his role for long. As soon as the slide was drawn on the door the full fury of the Lone Wolf Hold fell upon the dark dwarves. The final survivors of this mining outpost were slaughter within moments. This left the party alone to search the newly discovered landing.

Nyxel and Okai search the ship that is at sea, Ulrik, Orin, and Lithian search what seems to be the leader’s office, Thorvar keeps watch as the party efficiently goes through everything searching for clues. On the ship, they found navigational charts showing the route that it would take to deliver the cargo to a city that the duergar were building. In the office the specifics of their shipping venture and the alliance with an aboleth are uncovered. The final room holds a treasure trove that the party splits evenly while they discuss their next move. Lithian offers his portable home as an efficient way to transport the iron back to the hold, and Ulrik decides that the path cannot be chosen until more dwarfs arrive from the mountains. For now they need to protect their resources, and prepare for a war that can come from multiple fronts. Their main threat from below is the aboleth, and the possibility of retribution from the duergar city. From above the drums of war continue to beat in the badlands, a fuse slowly burning away, and no one knows how much time they have to be ready.

Player This session Total
Orin 825 9195
Okai 1025 9000
Ulrik 800 9170
Lithian 850 9000
Thorvar 800 9010
Nyxel 850 9525
Valoria 655 9000
Katherine 600 8945
Kardin 600 9215

Session End: Garren Ironhelm sent to Westmarch City for supplies, and to recruit settlers to the new dwarfen hold. He carries with him a message from Orin Mountainstrider to all the dwarfs of Westmarch:

Sons and daughters of Grugni. swept up by winds of ill fortune and tempest tossed far from our beloved ancestral homelands, made to dwell in a strange land amongst stranger folk and learn ways to which we are ill accustomed. like the shine of gold in the dark there is a hope for you lost souls in the hold of Kazad Ongvarad. hardy dwarves are needed to make this colony thrive in these human lands. craftsmen of all type, artisans of every skill, fearless miners and brave soldiers alike all are welcome. come together and we may make this new keep in the ways of our ancestors and honor there memory by making it the pride of all Dwarves, we shall be the jewel of the west.
so come ye proud dwarves of the west and make yourselves a legacy that your children can bear with pride in the hold of Kazad Ongvarad!

Addititional Supplies Requested:
200g of Lumber
90g of Goats
Hiring of 10 guards, and 10 craftsmen
5 Miners
500g in engineering parts



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