Edge of the Empire

Ancient Grudges Remembered

Session Date 01Jan2012
Game Dates Covered: 18-20 of Summerstart

While the preparations for war continue above ground our explorers continue their forays into the Underdark. Their path takes them along the southern tunnels as they attempt to decide the ideal place to begin the construction of their dreams. A dwarfen hold on the edge of greenskin lands. A beachhead from which grudges without number can be repaid.

As they continue south along what seem to be endless tunnels, Nyxel kindly lights the way for Rosco trying to keep him comfortable. The light makes the dwarfs nervous, they know what light attracts in the wilds of the Underdark. Orin keeps his bow ready, hoping for some prey. He leads the party outside of the lights range. Ulrik takes second position his shield ready to protect his new friends. Valoria and Shock stand in the back their keen senses searching for an ambush.

Halfway through the first day the adventurers come across a chamber carved naturally out of the stone. The dwarfs eyes pick up the precise pick strokes of dwarfen masons in the work. The last two thirds of the room is a pool of dark stagnant water. The viscous, wretched liquid is nearly impossible to see through, and hanging above this forlorn pool a dwarf. Completely bound and gagged Thorvar contemplates his life choices, and what brought him to this point. Then the sound of dwarfen voices breaks his thoughts. Rosco seeing the prisoner borrows Nyxel’s spider harness and begins to make his way ever so carefully around the and up the walls. Valoria points out a chest, submerged in the water, to those still with their feet on the ground, and Orin decides its a crime for any sort of treasure to be left in that state. While Orin tries to harpoon and drag the chest to land, Valoria begins to purify the massive cistern, and the other two keep a watch on their climbing friend.

Rosco’s deft hands and the harness make short work of the climb, he has clearly done second story work before. As he reaches the corner of the room he slips his safety rope barely catching him. Dangling over the water he takes a look into its murky depths just in time to see a trident leave the water and catch him in the shoulder. The trident tangles itself in the climbing gear. The rest of the party springs into action. Ulrik curses the fish-man for night fighting on land like a proper dwarf. Nyxel calls on her fae heritage and unleash a bolt of force stunning the creature long enough for Orin to end its life with an excellently placed arrow. A second creature appears from the depths launching another trident at the swinging halfling bait. The party is not as lucky with the second creature the murk of the water, and slime coating the monster make it difficult to hit. The creature meets its demise to an alchemical bomb thrown by Valoria, a moment later and Rosco might not have survived the ordeal. Bloodied and weakened he continued to save the prisoner. Quick introductions are made, the party cant afford to waste time on pleasantries.

Now reinforced by the addition of the rune caster, Thorvar Durhak, they continue forth the smell of metals to be mined leading Ulrik. When at last they come to the end of the southern tunnel they find it, a huge vein of iron. There is enough iron to support Kazad Ongvarad to great prosperity and make the adventurers wealthy nobles of their own hold. As with all great things there is a catch, dark dwarfs. The evil kin have been mining the wealth that the party seeks to claim. Them being this close to the surface at all is a crime against the dwarfs. A crime that makes the dwarfs bristle with anger, the wee folk shake their heads knowing that a fight is coming soon.

The party returns to camp at the cistern, no one there wishes to come upon a duergar mining party while tired and injured. Valoria putting her endurance to the test, she spends her last hours before sleep finishing the task of purifying the water in the cistern. Cleansing the affront to nature that the fish-men had caused.

Waking up early the next day the party continues down the tunnels leading away from the iron vein. Orin leads the party his keen eyes following the tracks of the oath-breakers. Hours of traveling, with their senses on edge has the adventurers beginning to feel the press of time. In the distance they see a light, faint but in the dark vision of the dwarfs it might as well have been the sun. Rosco has the exact opposite reaction overjoyed at the sight of light not tinted purple by Nyxel’s magic he rushes to catch up to Orin. His foot scuffs against a tinder twig left behind by one of the duergar in the next room. The sound echos through the halls. A squad of duergar soldiers steps into the tunnels shields and hammers at the ready. The unaware dark ones are met with a hail of arrows, bolts, daggers, and magic. Before the charges even happen only two remain. Ulrik cuts that in half. Certain of their victory the party closes in for the kill on the final duergar. Nyxel screams in pain four duergar the size of ogres appear from thin air. Two strike the gnome knocking the wind out of her and throwing her two the ground. The other two strike at Valoria, but her scythe parries the blows. Orin ignoring the danger to the rear charges the leader of the group, Thorvar backing him up they surround the sergeant.

Nyxel tries to escape the grasp of her attackers only to be crushed by the enlarged hammers. Rosco gets her vengeance killing one of the duergar, Ulrik impales the other. Attacks rain down on Valoria, but her and Ulrik go into their practiced fighting stance. He blocks one attack and she parries the other. The sergeant and his attackers circle striking and parrying. Great axe blows raining down on the evil dwarf’s shield while he ripostes effectively wounding Thorvar. Ulrik, and Rosco make quick work of Valoria’s attackers so she can tend to Nyxel’s wounds before the gnome loses anymore blood.

In a stunning moment Ulrik, Orin, and Thorvar surround the last living enemy. Knowing that his position is precarious the duergar summons the magic in its blood. The true dwarfs would have none of that foul trickery. Ulrik slams his shield out just in time to feel two axes connect with it, as they pass through the duergar. The foul traitor died nearly instantly as the magic of Thorvar’s axe passed through him, at the same time Orin removed his legs.

Session ends: Party in the keep again resting after two hard days in the Underdark.

XP: 700 Base
Nyxel: 10
Rosco: 10
Valoria: 10

Treasure split:
4pp 16gp per person

The group has decided that even the members that don’t show up for the session will get a portion of treasure and gold. Their reasoning even if they aren’t in the thick of things they are maintaining the keep.



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