Edge of the Empire

A declaration of war

Session Date: 26Feb2012
Game Dates Covered: 4 Leatfturn -9 Leafturn

The time since the heroes return has been filled with celebration, feasting, and merriment. The dwarfs of the hold feel as if nothing can threaten them with such mighty heroes at their defense. Ulrik begins the planning for the arrival of more dwarfs from his home, and Orin works on training the scouts and rangers of the hold. They can not allow themselves to be caught unawares when the greenskins arrive. Flint and his windriders do a good job of learning the ropes of the winds in the area. An engineer by the name of Therrik presents to the hold a new type of goggle which allows vision at long distances while protecting the wearer from the winds that whip at the altitude the fly at.

The windriders inform the hold that a caravan of humans approaches. At last the Empire has made good on their promises, more wealth makes its way to the hold. Praetor Centurious Aurelius leads the new men to to the hold, the soldiers mostly leave. When the Praetor requests to live underground, the heroes tell him that their secrets exist only for dwarfen eyes, or those dwarfs have considered friends. Understanding, Aurelius sends off all the men. He does how ever send a message for his wife and son to join him. The ambassador for the human lands is being made comfortable in his dwarfen home. Ceilings are made taller, furniture is changed.

While his home is being prepared Aurelius asks to see the rest of the Undercity. The tour proceeds peacefully, with the human being shown the common areas and the craft space of the blacksmiths; the other guilds had no desire to have a human in their secrets. The procession approaches the temple, when a messanger approaches them out of breath.

“Lords a ship approaches from up river”

“Up river?” comes the confused response

“Yes my lord a ship of unknown pattern approaches our docks. Our fishermen, have evacuated the area with all haste.”

“Sound the horn prepare the hold for defense.”

The horn of defense echoes throughout the entirety of the hold, and the dwarfs move with practiced efficiency. Women and children moving to the residential areas preparing to defend them as a last resort the men arm themselves and assemble in the main courtyard. The Praetor moves to his home, trusting the dwarfs with his defense.

The gathered dwarfs look at their heroes. The founders of the hold, the protectors of their daughters, the dragon slayers; the heroes discuss for a moment. Calling on ten quarrellers and Arren they head out at a double time march. Kardin and Thorvarr stay behind to organize the defense in case this turns out to be a full invasion.

Arriving at the doors that they had last seen when Lithian was still with them. They find them once again barred against their entrance. No time for subtlety this time, Flint is called up; no door has ever denied him access before, at least not after he introduces to his friends Dina and Mite. The doors fly back open, Nyxel starts to do the math for the repairs in her head. At dock there is a ship, it appears vaguely like some blueprints that Flint had seen in the engineers collage for an Ironclad vessel. Its like nothing the heroes had ever seen before. On the docks around the ship several duergar are standing at attention. Valoria wastes no time to cast detect invisibility, she wont let another of her friends be caught unaware by the tricks of their dark cousins. Orin calls on his nature magic, and seaweed rises from the lake to entangle not only the ones that they see but a few invisible ones as well. The duergar who are not entangled run to the ship.

The party attacks with the vengeance of their ancestors decimating the duergar on the docks, Flint uses his new hackbuck to begin damaging the ship. Foresight well used. No sooner had battle engaged than the ship began to try and escape. Knowing full well that they can not allow the duergar to warn their friends to the south. The enlarged Ulrik, Okai, and Katja on Samson waste no time in leaping from the docks to the ship, with varying degrees of success. Katja ends up in the water, Growlix runs to her aid. Okai and Ulrik struggle to make it on to the ship. When at last they get their footing they see a closed hatch. Okai calls on his gods and attempts to rip it off the hinges, only to be thrown off balance when it is opened from within. A duergar mage casts grease on the top of the ship making it even more difficult to get footing. This nearly causes the barbarian to fall off, only his keen reflexes allow him to remain in the battle.

While the battle on the ship itself rages the forces on the shore continue to rain destruction on their fleeing enemies knowing if the ship reaches the tunnel their friends will be captured. In the hail of lead, alchemical potions, and arrows the propulsion wheel is knocked fully off its axle causing the ironclad to slow down. The ship is listing badly as the shore forces decide to board the barge and chase down the fleeing duergar vessel.

Jumping into the hatch Ulrik finds himself surrounded by duergar. Laughing madly as their weapons bounce of shield and armour he swings about killing one of his foes. Okai makes the same jump…landing directly on top of the ironbreaker. Collapsing to the floor the two man boarding finds themselves assaulted by a flurry of blows as the duergar attempt to take advantage of their mistake. Ulrik pushes them back with wide sweeps of bardiche and shield, killing another. Roaring in rage Okai kips up swinging his sword with all his might removing three heads from the shoulders of surprised dark dwarfs. His triumphant roar is cut short as a crossbow bolt whistles towards his chest, at the last moment a tower shield darts forward and deflects the bolt. The grinning barbarian stares at his next two targets, laughing madly and calling out to Tempus he charges forward just in time to see the door close and lock as the duergar fumble over themselves to escape the whirlwinds of destruction that have gotten onto their ship. Ripping the door from the hinges he opens it enough that a tower shield leads the descent down the tunnel. Two crossbow bolts are fired pinging harmlessly, almost comically off the shield in attempt to stop their death. The dark dwarfs die crushed beneath the weight and momentum of a dwarf in full battle kit.

Outside the others ram into the ship stopping its forward momentum entirely, they begin to board the ship hoping to get inside in time to help their comrades.

Opening the next door Ulrik and Okai find themselves in a summoning room with a crystal sphere in it. A priest seems to be speaking with a figure in the sphere. Okai ends the priests pleads for back up and Ulrik walks up to see what new foe appears.

“Who dears assault the ships of the True Dwarfen High King!”

“Someone who would only bow to a king that is not a traitor and a coward down to their very blood, true dwarfs leave in the mountains not beneath them.”

“You have made a foolish mistake, you have made war my peop…”

Interrupting “ You are the fool if you ever thought the war was over False King, true dwarfs leave no grudge unpaid”

The globe goes dark at the last insult.

Session ends: The hold is preparing for war, the ironclad is being repaired to serve as a hidden vessel for the assault on the duergar. Each party member will take 5 dwarfs with them to form the assault on the enemy outpost.

Player This session Total
Orin 275 16165
Okai 250 15875
Ulrik 250 16310
Thorvar 200 15430
Nyxel 250 16440
Valoria 300 15670
Katja 250 15590
Kardin 200 15575
Flint 265 15405



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